UIFL 101

The UIFL Field
  • The field is 50 yards by 28 yards.
  • The end zone can range from a minimum of 5 yards and cannot exceed 8 yards in length and may be rounded due to hockey boards.
  • The field must be bounded by a wall (padded dasher boards) that confines the entire playing surface. The boards must be padded and should be four feet in height.  Slight variations are allowed.
  • Goal posts are placed and centered above each end wall.  The posts are 10 feet off of the ground and 10 feet wide.  The uprights should extend 20 feet from the crossbar.
  • The field is artificial turf.
  • The field is lined every 5 yards extending from wall to wall and running parallel to the goal line.
  • The field is lined with hash marks 12 inches in length and 5 feet from the center of the field. The hash marks are placed on both sides of the field every yard, running perpendicular to each yard line.
  • The dasher boards will mark the out of bounds on all sides of the field.
  • If the regulation field requirements are not achievable due to arena limitations, the field          can be marked as closely as possible, pending  league approval.
The UIFL Rules
  • The length of the game shall be 60 minutes of actual playing time, divided into four periods of 15 minutes each.
  • There is also a 15 minute half time between the second and third quarters.
  • Each team is allowed 3 time-outs per half.
  • There are eight players from each team on the field.
  • 18 players are on the active roster and 5 players are on the in-active roster.
  • Up to 2 players can be in forward motion at the same time.
  • Three lineman on each side of the ball.  Defensive lineman can stunt and twisting is allowed.
  • One player on defense is allowed to blintz at a time.  The blitzing player must be 3 yards from the ball at the snap.  Blitzing must be done between the tackles.
  • Two linebackers must line up inside the tackles (“BOX”) and three to six yards from the line of scrimmage.  One linebacker can leave the  BOX at the snap of the ball to cover the flat, but can not go any deeper than 6 yards.
  • Kickoffs are from the goal line.  Kickers may use a one-inch tee.
  • Punting is illegal.  On fourth down, a team may go for a first down, touch down, or a field goal.
  • The receiving team may field any kickoff or missed field goal.
  • Any kickoff which goes out of bounds in the air shall be placed at the 20 yard line.
  • Overtime will be a five minute period using the 1-minute time rules.
  • A coin toss will determine who gets the football first.
  • Each team will be assigned one timeout for the overtime period.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the overtime period is the winner.
  • If the score is tied after the first overtime, a second overtime will be played.
  • Four (4) downs are allowed to advance the ball ten (10) yards for a first down, or to score.
  • Six (6) points for a touchdown.
  • One (1) point for a conversion by place kick after a touchdown, two (2) points for a conversion by drop kick and two (2) points for successful run or pass after a touchdown. Teams may not fake a PAT/FG.
  • Three (3) points for a field goal by placement or four (4) points for a field goal by drop kick.
  • Two (2) points for a safety.
  • One (1) point will be awarded to the kicking team if the kicker, on a kickoff can kick the football through the uprights and over the crossbar.  If the kicker misses the ball will be spotted on the 20-yard line.  This is call “UNO”
  • Play will be whistled dead, at any point during the game when the football hits off any part of the goal posts.
  • One point is awarded to Kickoff team if receiver does not get out of the end zone.

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