Commissioner’s Corner (10/4/11)

Hey everyone,

It’s good to be back home after a while of driving all over the place. I have been to Tupelo, MS, Birmingham, MS and East Ridge, TN within a week. It was a lot of fun though seeing the excitement of the league really starting to grow.

We had great turnouts at both press conferences, and I cannot wait to see games played at these arenas, both will definitely give the home team a seriously advantage.

Another thing I am excited about is the release of the schedule. I can’t thank the arenas, president, and everyone else that went into getting this put out so quick. We are months away from even training camp and now fans can see where they are playing and make accommodations now. I too am making my schedule to see where I am going and who I will be visiting throughout the year. I’m not going to lie it will be tough to watch these games knowing I can still play but I am excited to get around and watch other cities home arenas.

As the season get closer I will let everyone know the game that I will be at each week because I would like to meet and talk to as many people as possible. So until that time enjoy yourself and I will be writing back next week.

Jared Lorenzen

The Commish


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